When it comes to purchasing baby bath items, there are so many options available in the market. Whether you’re going to shop for kids’ body wash or bath soaps, you have to make sure that you get the right one! As a baby’s skin is sensitive and soft, you just can’t apply any product on their bodies.

Infant skin may look supple and flawless, but its more sensitive and vulnerable than adult skin. The barrier between the baby’s bloodstream and the outside world is weaker than ours. This puts babies at a higher risk of infection and dehydration.

How to choose the best body wash for kids?

Knowing that babies have such sensitive skin is a good starting point for understanding how to take care of it, especially during their bath time.

Most kids’ body wash in the market have been clinically tested and are not known to have side-effects, but there are many products that don’t undergo rigorous testing.

For a safe side, look for a baby wash that is:

✔ Made from components that are beneficial or harmless to babies, including coconut oil or rose water

✔ Made of fewer ingredients

✔ Free from fragrance, parabens, colourants and foaming agents

✔ Made from edible ingredients

There are other guidelines, as well. Take a look!

Choose natural kids’ body wash

When you wish to pick the best body wash for kids, going natural is always an excellent thought. Choose from toxin-free, organic products that are prepared from natural components. Our daily skin-care products are packed with chemicals and toxins. Your baby doesn’t need that! They don’t have that kind of immunity to handle such a high level of toxicity.

Read labels carefully

Before selecting bath products for your little one, just turn the bottle around and read the label so that you know exactly what’s in it. A quick label check will also help you make sure that the product has been clinically tested.

Just like with adult products, many baby products also use chemicals to add fragrance and this information can only be found in the fine print. So when it comes to your baby’s bath products, always invest those few extra minutes to read the label thoroughly.

Go for products with good reviews

It’s understandable that baby products are the one area where you absolutely don’t want to take a chance. The most fool-proof way of using the right organic brand is by asking your pediatrician for a recommendation. Even if you’re buying organic products online, do your homework. Read as many genuine and authentic customer reviews as you can before you order a product.

Only use clinically tested products

If your little one is prone to allergies, make sure that every bath product you buy is dermatologically tested. For instance, some soaps have foaming agent CAPB (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) which may cause an allergic reaction or eye irritation. So make sure you go for a thoroughly tested product when shopping for your little one.

Products from the same brand

Most brands design their products in a way that makes them work well together. Buying different products from different brands confuses your baby’s body and should be avoided. If you buy a body oil product from a particular brand, make sure that you purchase kids’ body wash from the same brand.

Go for vitamin-boosted kids’ body wash

There are vitamin-based baby body washes are available in the market today. Products enriched with Vitamin E, D and A provide that extra nourishment to your baby’s skin.


At the end of the day, your baby’s skin and hair care is something you absolutely shouldn’t compromise on. The nourishment and care during these early years will go a long way for your child. It’s just as important to make sure that the products you use in these years have no side-effects. Making smart, careful choices and sticking to organic, toxin-free products is the way to find the best body wash for kids.

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