Everywhere you look these days, it seems botox treatment for wrinkles are more of a thing now! Whether you are going to a salon, clinic or spa, Botox injections are a common thing. Here is the catch, it is not suited for everyone. Just because it is easily available, it doesn’t mean that you can be treated. 

There are two types of facial wrinkles – static and dynamic. For each of the segments, the botox treatment is different. The former is caused by the loss of your skin collagen and elasticity with passing age while the latter is caused by muscle movement (for example – smiling or laughing). Different forms of botulinum toxins are incorporated into Botox to temporarily paralyse muscle activity. This is well suited to dynamic wrinkles. On the other hand, more than botox fillers provide an effective solution for static wrinkles. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail botox treatment for wrinkles. It is better to garner in-depth knowledge about the same before heading for a hasty decision.  

How safe is botox for wrinkles?

Botox injections are formulated with botulinum toxins that help to relax muscle activity temporarily. In simpler words, these injections will be blocking some channels of chemical signals from the nerves that allow muscles to contract. The temporarily paralyzed facial muscles will then hold your face from having wrinkles. Thus, botox is kind of safe when only practised by licensed professionals or doctors. 

Research and studies showcase that people below the age of 65 will acquire more benefits through botox treatment. For gaining the same results, botox fusion with facial fillers into the skin will soften wrinkles in older people. 

Does botox help wrinkles?

Absolutely! Even if you have wrinkles, botox will be working for your skin. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that botox does not suit all types of facial wrinkles. (exactly what we discussed during the intro of the article). It is a temporary treatment and is a blessing in disguise for people who have nerve or muscle disorders. Not just that, it slows the process of getting fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you are wondering how we have got you covered. Preventing the release of acetylcholine, botox injections prevent your muscles from squishing. This treatment mainly helps the muscles to block the nerve signals temporarily while the muscles are less stiff. Though the process is painful, it enhances the outlook of wrinkles around the eyes and the area between the eyebrows. 

What wrinkles can botox treat?

Here are the top 5 types of wrinkles that botox can treat.

Bunny lines

Occurring on the tip of the nose, bunny lines are more visible after botox treatment on crow’s feet and glabellar lines. People who tend to go for those two treatments, often return with bunny lines treatment as well. 

Lipstick Lines

Also known as perioral lines, they are in the form of vertical wrinkles on the upper lip. This occurs due to smoking, hereditary, puckering or even photoaging. Using botox treatment will block your nerves from wrinkling faster. 

Marionette Lines

They are also vertical wrinkles that appear from the corner of your mouth and end down to the chin. These lines are usually treated with dermal fillers or through a facelift, botox treatment offers a temporary solution to it.  

Forehead wrinkles

On the larger font, this is more visible to the naked eye in the first place. Known as the frontalis muscle, when it contracts your brow raises resulting in lines appearing. With botox treatment, it will be tightened and the muscle will be relaxed from contracting. 

Crow’s feet

These wrinkles appear from the corner of your eyes while smiling or laughing. These are static wrinkles which can be treated through botox cosmetic treatment. It works wonders for the dynamic wrinkles that tend to appear there. 

Can botox permanently remove wrinkles?

The answer to this is No! A botox treatment lasts for a maximum of 3 months for most people. For some people, it has even lasted for about 6 months. Not all wrinkles are treated to have younger-looking skin. Thus, it is temporary. Once it wears off, you will get the wrinkles again. All you have to do is repeat the process once the look of it is gone. 

As we age, our collagen and skin elasticity tends to loosen. Botox cannot heal the permanent crease on your face. It might help in softening wrinkles and fine lines. 

When will wrinkles go away after botox?

Botox injection treatment is a matter of a few minutes. For this, you will not need anaesthesia. The licensed professionals will be using a small needle for injecting the botulinum toxins or the botox right where you want to be treated on your face. It will make you feel a little uncomfortable. The pain may occur in the latter period. 

Usually, it takes nearly 7 days to a fortnight to showcase its full result. It is always better that you abide by the instructions provided by the doctor or the professional who is conducting the procedure. Even before the treatment, make sure that you are not smoking or drinking alcohol for at least 7-10 days. Furthermore, you will also be advised to not use aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications to prevent painful bruising. 

There are other instructions too that you will have to follow for the perfect treatment. For the best results, it nearly takes 5-7 days for you to get the visible results to post the injection. 

How does botox work for wrinkles?

The FDA-approved botox injections tend to have botulinum toxin. It works as a safe nero protein that acts as a barrier to nerve signals from reaching the brain. You will notice your facial muscles like the eyebrow, forehead and chin area are in constant motion. Somewhere or the other you are unaware of it. The constant expressions on your face create static wrinkles that are only treated with Botox for early prevention but work temporarily. 

When the injection is injected into the skin, it immediately stops the nerve signals rather than slows the process. Thus, your muscles will not be able to contract. The direct improvement is visibly seen on the forehead wrinkles, smile, frown lines as well as the crow’s feet. The injected muscle is unable to contact and readily relaxes. 

Botox treatment benefits

There are ample benefits of having botox treatment. Some of the ones are as follows – 

Preventing Wrinkles 

When Botox is injected into your face, the muscles stop contracting. It rather relaxes around the injected site, making the skin younger and smoother with little or no wrinkles on it. 

Improving Eye Conditions

Botox treatment is often used for improving eye issues. This includes rapid eye blinking as well as lazy eyes. The protein in the botox serum helps in the effects of the eyes from twitching and squinting, making your muscles weaker and taking less stress. 

Preventing Extreme Sweating

Botox treatment helps in hyperhidrosis but may reverse stress as well. The aspect is about blocking acetylcholine. It is that chemical that activates sweat glands. The treatment is mostly done on the armpits. For long-term relief, it is better to seek the help of professional experts. 

Migraine Pain Relief

FDA-approved Botox cosmetic treatment for migraine. The botox serum uses neurotoxin that hits the nerves right preventing both muscle tension responses and pain transmission. This mainly triggers the headache.

Usually, the full result kicks in and takes a little time for migraine treatment. For getting an entire treatment, you will have to at least go for 2nd and 3rd treatments. 

Neck Ache

Using botox treatment or injection will help in reducing a neck condition called cervical dystonia. An abnormal head positioning occurs through severe neck ache, this issue could be prevented through botox treatment. It relaxes the neck muscles by neck inhibition making the muscles spasm. 

Preventing Premature Ageing

One of the best benefits that botox treatment is known for is reducing the signs of premature ageing. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The injections prevent as well as reduce dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the nerve signals that cause facial expressions. 

When you tend to go for the treatment, you will be able to see the enhancement in your facial expressions. This includes – 

  • Marionette lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lipstick Lines
  • Crow’s Feet

The injections are often treated with cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation without having to undergo surgery. You may even pair it with dermal fillers. There are even injections in the botox serum that enhances your youthfulness and gives you a radiant glow. For that, you need to seek consultation from surgery experts to garner the best information and the right treatment for anti-ageing botox treatments. 

TMJ treatment

Since 2002, Botox injections are working for the treatment of TMJ. Regarded as both safe and effective, the inhibiting properties of botox for the nerve have helped people who tend to suffer from extreme symptoms and conditions for TMJ. 

Relief Joint Pain

If you have severe arthritis or overuse pain, botox injections will help in reducing the pain. The process is the same, the muscles are spasmed reducing the triggering pain. 

Reduce Crow’s Feet

Another major benefit of using the treatment is helpful in the reduction of large dynamic wrinkles on your face. This includes forehead lines and crow’s feet around your eyes. It relaxes the muscles near those areas where the crease doesn’t occur any more. 

Close to immediate results

People seek to enhance their outlook immediately through Botox. Once you get the treatment, it will take a maximum of 4-10 days to showcase the visible difference to the naked eye. The treatment is temporary that works up to 3 months to even 6 months in some people. Post the injection treatment, you may notice slight bleeding that will recover with proper medication and treatment. 

Lasting Results

People tend to opt for botox cosmetic treatment for getting long-lasting results. If you are willing to see the best results lasting for days, you need to keep yourself prepared beforehand. The results will be seen within 10 days post-treatment. During this time, the fine lines and wrinkled muscles will start to relax and tend to become less visible. 

Customized Treatment

Seeking expert help, you are entitled to have customized botox treatment. All you have to do is schedule a consultation with your expert and discuss the areas of improvement on your face. You may even get fewer injections for the treatment and do not have to empty your pocket. 

Other Medical Benefits

Botox injections will serve as a boon if you suffer from chronic cold hands. The treatment relaxes your hand muscles helping the blood vessels to dilate and enhance blood circulation. 

It is even seen that botox may even help in the treatment of Bell’s palsy in the initial stages. 

Botox treatment side effects

It is usually a safer treatment when conducted under licensed healthcare professionals. It is always the best option to seek the help and guidance of experts. Some possible side effects are mentioned as follows – 

  • Headache
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Cooked eyebrows
  • Squinching eyes
  • Crooked Smile 
  • Pain and swelling to the injected site 
  • Dry or watery eyes


The medicine hardly tends to spread to the other parts of the injected area. It may tend to have likewise symptoms though. It is better to seek the help of your doctors or experts who will be able to treat you immediately. After the treatment, you may have these triggers – 

  • Vision issue
  • Muscle weakness
  • Unable to talk 
  • Problem to swallow
  • Loss of bladder control 
  • Allergic reaction

Botox is not recommended for pregnant or new mothers. A prescribed medicine, botox treatment should only be taken when taken care of by a licensed and skilled professional. Speak to your doctor to fit your needs and do not opt for it. 

What not to do after botox?

Here are some of the things that you should abide by before or after the treatment – 

  • Never rub or massage the injected area. 
  • Do not apply make-up to the injected area of the skin. 
  • Do not sleep on your face post-treatment. 
  • Take a day or two off from exercise or any such activity post-treatment. 
  • Better to avoid alcohol and smoking 10 days before the treatment as well as 2 days post-treatment. 
  • 2 weeks post the treatment, do not go for any other beauty treatments including facial or face massage. 
  • Never expose yourself to strong sunlight, extremely cold temperatures, spas and saunas for the next two weeks after the treatment. 

How to make botox last longer?

Do not expose yourself to sunlight. It may lead to premature collagen breakdown, damaging skin cells deep into the dermal layer of the skin. If exposed, it will be ineffective against fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage will lead to inflammatory issues in the cells breaking the botox and minimising the treatment period. 

High-intensity workouts are a big no-no after the treatment. They are effective for boosting your metabolism for burning calories and building muscles. If this occurs, you will break down the botox and the same issue will happen as expressed above. Opt for low-intensity workouts and do moderate training. 

Stress causes tensional muscles. It pressures the muscles that are targeted by Botox. It wears off sooner and may even cause cellular damage. 

Quality facial moisturiser is important to keep your skin hydrated. The ones having collagen and hyaluronic acid are best for your skin to look plump and healthy. It rather breaks the botox down within all your facial muscles. 

Smoking or anything likewise to nicotine will result in collagen breakdown. It will damage your skin cells and reduce the effectiveness of your botox treatment. 


If you are extremely concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, botox treatment is one of the best ways to seek immediate results. The result is temporary and at the same time needs proper care and maintenance. For a permanent solution, it is better to seek the help of experts to opt for the right way of treatment. 


Is botox the best treatment for wrinkles?

It is one of the best ways for seeking immediate results for fine lines and wrinkles. You need to take a lot of care and maintenance after and before the treatment. It is a temporary solution that lasts up to 3 months mostly. 

How long after botox can you get a facial?

Wait for at least 2 weeks after getting your botox. Your skin will be sensitive and more prone to spreading the medication to the other parts of your skin. It is better to wait for the botox to seep in deep for muscle relaxation. 

Can you drink alcohol after botox?

Absolutely not! Smoking and drinking are something that you should avoid before and after botox treatment. It will break down the treatment and loosen its effectiveness.

When can I lie down after botox?

If you are willing to lie down, it is better to lie on your back. Do not lie on your side or stomach. This might increase the chances of spreading the medicine to other areas of your face. 

How long after botox can you workout?

Skip for a day or two after you have got your botox treatment. It is recommended for low-intensity workouts for botox to not lose its effectiveness. 

How much is a unit of botox?

The unit is usually 50 to 100 which ranges somewhere between $10 to $25. It completely depends on where you are getting treated and the brand. 

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