When the sun is out, and the weather is nice, you need to ace a summer look. Besides no-smudge eyeliner and lip shade, applying waterproof foundation makeup makes sense to ace that gorgeous summer look.

On counseling some beauty experts, I learned that makeup that can combat sweat and oil are much heavier in texture and come with specific ingredients. If you’re planning to go waterproof this summer, let’s find out what are the things that we need to keep a tab on!

1. Stay away from silicones

Waterproof means that the components don’t get washed away and can block water. You can find ingredients like, vegetable and animal-based waxes, polymers and solvents. Over the time, the beauty industry has started eliminating products that are loaded with harmful chemicals, but some still use silicones, which leads to breakouts, irritation and allergic reactions. Silicone is something that will sit on your skin and clog all the pores. Though small amounts of silicone can be considered, it’s safe to stay away from it.

2. Embrace polymers

Polymers are a fundamental ingredient found in almost all makeup products. These are film-forming molecules that give a long-lasting ability to makeup. Generally, these are safe. When applied, they evaporate, and the makeup left on the skin resists oil and water. Isododecane and Acrylates Copolymer are two popular ingredients that are water-resistant and won’t harm your skin.

3. Get a proper makeup remover

Makeup wipes aren’t enough to wipe off all the products. The waterproof foundation needs some serious components because water can’t serve the purpose. As it’s heavy and hard to get off, using the wrong cleanser can only worsen the problem. You shouldn’t go for a waterproof foundation until you have the right cleanser because improper treatment can lead to skin damage. If there’s no cleanser, you can use olive oil or Vaseline. Apply a small amount of either two on your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. Gently rub the entire face, and you will find the foundation melting, making it easier to remove from the skin.

4. Don’t wear waterproof every day

If you’re planning to be by the beach or have a pool outing with your friends, a waterproof foundation may do a good job. However, wearing it every day can lead to severe problems, especially clogging of pores. It’s nice to give them a try once in a while, but painting your face with it every day will stop your skin from breathing.

5. Get a waterproof spray for a long-lasting effect

When you’re wearing a heavy makeup item, you need to seal it with sprays. Waterproof spray on top of the waterproof foundation creates a rub-resistant, sweat-proof wall. You get to wear your favorite foundation for a longer time.

6. Coverage you need

It really depends on whether you want to cover minor spots or want to cover your entire face. For blurring the blemishes, a little bit of foundation can do the work. Rest you can protect it by waterproof sunscreen as it is cheaper and give you sun protection. Remember not to overdo it because you will end up looking cakey!

7. Any benefits?

Yes, absolutely! Most benefits include taking part in outdoor sports and activities. The biggest perk is that most foundations come with SPF; hence, it protects your face when you play outside or go on a hike with your friends. Carry it inside your bag; a small touchup, and you’re good to go.

8. Is there any option for dry skin?

When it comes to choosing a waterproof foundation for dry skin, look for a key ingredient- oil. It moisturizes the skin, nourishes it and saves it from irritation. As oil and water don’t mix, therefore, it’ll act naturally in your favor. Oil-based ingredients are more water-resistant and stay on your skin for long hours.

Waterproof foundation makeup is a quick hack to save your summer look and appear flawless. Now, when you have every tidbit of this product, grab one from a reputed makeup drug store and enjoy a summer outing.

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