When it comes to creating a flawless look, you need one perfect foundation bottle. Regardless of price and quality, foundations vary in color, consistency, application, ingredients and more.

Despite all the confusion, how to pick the right one?

According to Sandy Linter, a celebrity makeup artist, foundation is a misunderstood product and doesn’t need to match the skin tone. It is used to enhance the skin’s color, reducing the redness and adding more warmth. Now, before heading to the types, let’s find out what foundation makeup is!

Foundation makeup: A brief

As the name suggests, the foundation is a form of face makeup that is evenly applied all over the face to form a base. Is it that important? Yes, it is! It does all the groundwork before you go on and create the perfect makeup look. The proper foundation corrects the skin tone, blurs blemishes, and gives an overall smoother skin.

What are the types of foundations?

There’re six different formulas that you can witness in a makeup aisle. Here’s a rundown.

☑ Liquid foundation – This is most likely the first formula that comes to your mind when you think about foundation. Silicone and water-based foundations are also popular because they are lightweight and give a dewy finish. If you’re looking for medium-to-full coverage, a bottle of liquid foundation is a must-buy product. Plus, they stay for longer hours, easy to blend and hydrate your skin.

☑ Serum foundation – Serum foundation has become extremely popular over the past
couple of years. And, why not? They are packed with skincare benefits! With just a few drops all over your face, your face looks fresh, tinted and has a glossy finish. Buff and blend it, and you’re good to go.

☑ Cream foundation – Are you looking for a seamless hydrated look? Go for a cream
foundation. The soft cream blends with your skin, giving you high coverage. It’s highly pigmented, easy to apply and suits dry skin types. However, it’s a big ‘no-no’ for oily skin and does not suit a humid climate.

☑ Whipped mousse foundation– Is your skin oily? Doesn’t know which type of foundation to choose? Buy whipped mousse foundation without an ounce of doubt. These formulas are super lightweight, airy and prevent pores clogging. They end up giving a matt finish but may appear patchy if not blended well.

Powder foundation – Are you not a makeup person? Do you love minimal makeup? If yes, power foundation is your choice! When you apply it, it barely looks like you’ve
anything on your face. It’s lightweight, easy to use, hides all the spots, and preps your
skin for more makeup. Make sure that your skin is hydrated because it soaks up the oil. As these are meant for light coverage, it won’t last that long. However, being mineral-based, powder foundations are ideal for irritable, sensitive skin.

Stick foundation – Possibly, the easiest to carry and apply. All you need to do is dot and blend- that’s it! Stick foundation is quite famous among the ladies as it's mess-free, can be carried in small pouches, and used as a concealer. One thing to keep in mind is their thick texture, which can give a cakey look. Don’t overdo to make you look like wearing multiple layers of makeup.

What are the foundations finishes?

Now, when you know about the types, let’s talk about the finishes.

☑ Natural finish – This gives a natural look, which shows like you almost wore nothing on your face.

☑ Matte finish – It does not produce any shine, making it a favorite choice for oily skin

☑ Dewy finish – It gives a glowing, radiant look and is an apt option for dry skin types. While choosing the right foundation, understand your skin type and the undertone. Nothing can be worse than buying the wrong shade and creating a cakey look for the party. To save from all the embarrassments and mishaps, visit a reputable store and get help from the assistants.

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