If you are looking forward to making a DIY body scrub, it is pretty easy. A turmeric body scrub is mild, gentle and super smooth for your skin. The scrub helps in removing the dead skin cells in addition to moisturizing your skin. The result will be a healthy and glowing skin tone. Using the natural turmeric body scrub to your face will help in reducing blackheads and prevent early wrinkles. 

A DIY turmeric body scrub is super easy to make. There are different ways of taking the body scrub that you can even store for a few days. A mixture of sugar, coconut oil and turmeric serves as the best turmeric body scrub to hydrate and fix uneven skin tone. It works the best for people suffering from scars and dark spots. 

DIY Turmeric Body Scrub Recipe

Recipe 1 – 

Ingredients – 

  • Half cup granulated sugar
  • Half cup brown sugar
  • 1/4th almond oil
  • 3-4 drops of Vitamin E oil 
  • 2 tablespoon turmeric powder
  • 10-12 drops of essential oil 

Direction – 

  • Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl and stir well until mixed. 
  • Transfer the same into an airtight container. 

Recipe 2

Ingredients – 

  • Half a cup of granulated sugar 
  • 2 tablespoon of turmeric powder
  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil 
  • 1 tablespoon of ginger essential oil/grated ginger 

Direction – 

  • Take a mixing bowl. Take all the ingredients together and mix them well. 
  • You may even squeeze the ginger juice and dilute it a little with the essential oil. 

How to apply this turmeric body scrub? 

You can store the mixture in an air-tight container. Wet your skin and apply the turmeric body scrub all over your body. 

Massage it into circular motions. Continue this 5 – 10 min. Clean it with a washcloth and take a proper bath. 

Rinse the scrub and pat dry your skin. Apply moisturizer once you are dry. 

Recipe 3

Ingredients – 

✔️ 2 tablespoon of brown sugar (for face)

✔️ 2 tablespoon of white sugar ( for the body) 

✔️ 2 tablespoon of turmeric (raw grated or powder) 

Direction – 

Mix the ingredients. Brown sugar is delicate on sensitive skin. 

While on the other hand, white sugar and turmeric is the best choice for the body. 

Adding essential oils to the mixture is the best for adding moisture and hydration. 

Salt Body Scrub

Salt crystals are pretty large. They dissolve slower than sugar. In rougher parts of the skin, turmeric salt body scrub is the best option. 

They work the best on elbows and feet. But you need to be gentle on your skin. 

In case you cannot do DIY recipes, Turmeric based soaps are also a great alternative. 

Some Other Turmeric Scrubs

Here are some other turmeric body scrub recipes that you can opt for – 

Adding Vitamin E oil, castor oil or rosehip oil to the sugar added turmeric scrub will help in nourishing your skin. The essential oil has fatty acids and antioxidants. They work as amazing skin moisturizers too. 

Adding citric acid is also beneficial. A teaspoon of the same added to the mixture will enrich the body and will glow and shine. Furthermore, it is also considered to be a mild preservative. 

If you want to make a small batch every time you conduct body scrub. Adding lemon juice to the mixture will help in fighting acne and also enable skin lightening solution. 

How to Use This Turmeric Body Scrub? 

Before you are taking a shower, just wet your skin damp. You can choose either lukewarm or cold water. Apply the mixture to your body. 

Use a washcloth. Massage it in a circular motion. Both the sugar added in the mixture work as natural moisturizers. Having anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric powder will be highly soothing for your skin. 

Once you are done, now rinse it off with water and pat dry. 

Now apply the moisturizer of your choice to seal in the hydration. 

Turmeric Body Scrub Benefits

1. Skin Lightening 

Just like a triple shot of espresso works wonders for your brain, turmeric body scrub works as a skin lightening treatment for treating dark spots. Using essential oils in the scrub will result in powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties working together. It helps in healing your natural skin tone. 

2. Slowing Hair Growth 

Turmeric helps in slowing the growth of unwanted hair. Mixing Curcuma oil with turmeric body scrub and applying it to the underarm and arms will reduce unwanted hair growth. As thinner as the hair will be, the faster results you will see on your skin. 

4. Soothing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the skin cells, growing upon one another. This creates scaly patches leading to bleeding and cracks. Adding curcumin oil to the body scrub will help prevent the disease. It combats cell production and reduces skin patches. 

5. Fading Body Acne 

Turmeric helps in fading body acne scars. It does have the presence of anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial properties. It helps in natural skin healing. A DIY turmeric body scrub will help your skin be healthy and give a natural glow to it. 

Bottom Line

If you are not aware of how turmeric would react to your skin, you can anytime conduct a patch test. This could be done well to the elbow area to review if you are getting any reaction. Raw turmeric is of great use to your skin. You may either squeeze out the juice or use it in the grated form to create the mixture.

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