As per the latest TikTok trend, we have seen silicone wrinkle patches have been making quite a buzz among women. Working like a fragmented face mask, they have the advantage of smoothening the skin where they form wrinkles, especially near the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth area. 

As the trend has been making rounds with more and more views and reviews, we are wondering whether they are good for long-term use. The basics to start with is knowing what the product is. Mainly these patches cover your skin more like a face mask in the form of a thin sheet and attempt to prevent wrinkles and improve your skin texture. They are often made with silicone paper which is skin-friendly. They come in different shapes and sizes. Most wrinkles patches tend to work because of their noninvasive options that prevent likes from coming on the face. 

In this article, we will discuss silicone wrinkle patches and their long-term use. Let’s delve into the details. 

Do silicone patches for wrinkles work?

The shortest answer is yes! In comparison to Botox or injectables, silicone patches for wrinkles do not showcase immediate effect. Rather you will have to use them regularly to visualize the improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not just that, it is safe for your skin and does not cause any inflammation or irritation. 

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Silicone patches for wrinkles before and after

Silicone wrinkle patches before and after

Are silicone wrinkle patches safe?

Silicone wrinkles patches are made in a completely skin-friendly way. It is fusioned with components that will help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Not just that, it will give instant binding to your face muscles, providing moisture. Thus, it becomes the most active choice when it comes to a skincare regime. 

According to the dermatologist, silicone wrinkle patches tend to give more of a “gimmicky” effect. The patches that you will be using have ingredients that focus on providing great hydration to your skin. It further restricts premature aging to provide you with long-term benefits. The functioning of the patches is more work like sheet face masks that nourish your skin well when kept for longer hours. 

Does it work for wrinkles long term? 

You may have to use it regularly to see the results. Though the buzz has been created from TikTok they have been there in the market for decades now. When you come across the product, they do not promise you long-term benefits. But using it will improve the texture and appearance of the skin, restricting premature aging. If you compare this with other injections, it is the safest that you can opt for. You may see the instant result which is short-lived but incorporating it into your daily skincare routine and a healthy diet will give you the glow and the skin texture that you have been yearning for. 

How to use silicone patches for wrinkles?  

Every skincare has a pattern and you need to follow that. You cannot just abruptly peel the patch and apply it to your skin. There is a process you need to abide by. Here is what you need to do – 

Make sure that your face is clean and clear. Use a gentle cleanser to get rid of any dirt, makeup residue as well as dry skin. Keep it free from any skincare routine. 

Pat dry your skin. Take the patch and peel away the plastic layer to unveil the adhesive. 

Stick the silicone patch for wrinkling to the targeted areas of your face, The adhesive side should be on the skin. For best results, you may wear the patches when you are sleeping. If you cannot do the same, you may keep it for an hour or two to get the boost. 

DIY silicone wrinkle patches

Wrinkles occur since they are a natural process of aging. There is no human on earth, regardless of how rich or powerful they are, who wants zero lines or wrinkles on their face. We always look forward to glowing and being radiant. All we can do is restrict it to appear on the skin for the longest time we can. 

When you are thinking of making a silicone wrinkle patch. It is considered not possible to go through a thorough process just like the product you will get from the market. If you are rather purchasing silicone patches or masks that are reusable. They tend to sustain for up to 3 months. You will have to cleanse them well and apply them to your skin. 

Another thing that you can do is, you can use any anti-wrinkle cream or serum and apply it to the patch. Now use the patch on the targeted areas of your skin. For this, at first, you need to cleanse your skin well and pat dry making sure there is no hidden residue. 

To see it coming into effect, use a serum like a vitamin C or hyaluronic acid-based serums on the silicone patches. There are many mask-based patches available online as well as offline that are reusable. When you are following your skincare routine, you may leave the mask for up to an hour or two or overnight to review the best results. 

Willing to make a home patch? The drill is all in the name. But that doesn’t mean you can stick the paper to your face overnight. Companies like Frownies have made it easier for people who believe in DIY anti-wrinkle masks or patches. Just with some simple steps and 15 min of your time, you can make your own anti-wrinkle patch. 

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Parts – The two main things for the anti-wrinkle patch are paper and glue. 

Paper – You can take whatever paper you have in hand. It could be envelopes or clean sheets of thin paper. Use quality paper since it is going to be stuck to your skin. Kraft butcher paper works the best as it is food-grade, unbleached and pretty cheap. 

Glue – It is not just that random glue on your face. Absolutely Not! You need Arabic glue. They are mainly acquired from the hardened sap of Acacia trees. People have been using this for thousands of years. It is used in food preparation, medicine and cosmetics. 

Here is what you need – 

  • 3 tbsp of gum Arabic powder
  • 1/3 cup of water
  • Butcher paper
  • Small saucepan
  • Fork 
  • Scissors

Instructions – 

Heat water in a small saucepan, and add the gum arabic powder to the warm water. Let it cook for 15 mins until it has a glue-like consistency. 

Remove the glue from the gas and transfer it to a sterile container. Now cut the paper in a way that can target the wrinkle-prone area of your face. 

When it is done, use the cooled glue on the paper sheet and apply it to your face. You may even store the glue in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. 

Tips and Tricks – 

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can opt for better results – 

  • Remove all lotions, oils and residue from your face so that the patch sticks to your skin in one go. 
  • Gently massage the forehead muscles for some time before application. 
  • Puff your cheeks a little while applying the patch to stay in position. 
  • Use warm water for removing the patch from your skin. 


Silicone patches for wrinkles are a blessing in disguise. Provided that you are using it regularly or every alternative before your skincare routine. Though it is a temporary solution, it makes your skin radiant and wrinkle-free. The results are limited but always better than injections. 


Do silicone patches work on wrinkles?

Yes, they do. They have the components in the patch that are directly seeped into your skin to give you a plump and youthful skin. 

How often should I use silicone patches for wrinkles?

Use it regularly and try to keep it overnight for the best results. For better results, you need 4 weeks to see the same. 

How long do silicone patch results last?

Silicone patches are reusable. They can last longer if used and cleaned properly. Though it is recommended to change the patches every 3 months.

Do silicone patches stimulate collagen?

Yes, it does. It further helps in increasing moisture levels and we have even clinically proven it to help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

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