Body butter cream has been making waves in the market due to its immensely moisturizing and nourishing properties. Plus, there’re different types available like shea, cocoa, mango, and kokum. For those who’re unaware of the body butter origin, let me explain that they’re extracted from the seeds or nuts of plants, free of any chemicals and preservatives.

These scented creams work like magic when applied to the skin. Besides providing nourishment, it locks the moisture inside and prevents your skin from becoming dry. These are the best options for dry and chapped skin and people living in cold climates.

In this blog, we’ll uncover what body butter is and how to use it correctly. Without wasting more time, let’s dive right into the topic.

What Is Body Butter?

Typically, body butter is a skin moisturizer, containing coconut oil, shea butter, vegetable-based oils, and butter. It is thicker in consistency and nothing like body lotions. You’ll find them available in jars or bottles, from which you can easily scoop out a dime size and apply it to your body.

Body butters are effective in treating and rejuvenating dry skin. Noticeable patches and cracks are seen in knees and elbows, which can be easily repaired by using these hydrating and beneficial creams. If you’re wondering what can be your best friend during chilly months. No more complaining about sticky creams and lotions; body butter got you covered.

Body butters are rich in Omega 3 fats and various acids like stearic, oleic, palmitic, and linolenic in terms of therapeutic properties. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins A, E, and F. The combination of all three accelerates natural collagen production and heals inflammation. The ingredients deeply penetrate the skin and soften it.

How to Use It Properly?

☑ Use it straight after a shower

Though you can use body butter any time of the day, it ensures the skin’s moisture is locked after a shower. When you take a shower, the pores open up, and all the impurities get washed away. Massage your skin post-shower to lock the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. For dry skin, use it daily to combat itchiness and patchiness. However, for normal skin, twice or thrice a week is enough for skin treatment.

Apply before hitting the bed

Do you want to moisturize your body overnight? Just apply it before for an intensive
moisturizing treatment. When applying, make sure that you gently massage it so that the butter evenly spreads and enters the pores, soaking your skin in its healthy ingredients. For extra care of your feet, rub the butter gently and wear a pair of socks to lock the moisture.

☑ Lock fragrance as a complementary treatment

Perfumes don’t last long unless you spend some hefty dollars on them. To make the fragrance stay, you want it to stick on your body. Body butters have a lovely smell that lasts for hours. Plus, when you apply body mist on top of it, the scent is going to linger for a day! Choose a body butter and wash that complement your perfume and make you smell fresh and fabulous throughout the day.

☑ Use after prolonged sun exposure

Extended sun exposure takes a toll on your skin. The more your skin is exposed to the sun, the more damage you’re going to face. This includes dryness, patchiness, and stripping off skin due to lack of moisture. To restore the lost water, you need these beneficial creams to soothe and repair the damage.


Body butter has risen to fame because of its healing and curative properties. There’s no fixed time in using these yummy creams; you can apply them daily or weekly, depending on your skin type. Now that you’ve gained enough knowledge on this product, buy one now and fight off dryness this winter.

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