Dark, long, archly curved— having majestic eyelashes is every woman’s dream. However, not all enjoy the contentment of having long and thick eyelashes.

You can try out eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions can transform the look of your eyes as well as your entire face. Eyelash extensions last for a long time. But, at some point, one requires to remove eyelash extensions from the eye.

One can remove eyelashes using oil or Vaseline.

So, how to remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline?

You will get all the answers here.

Keep reading.

Is It Safe to Remove Eyelashes at Home?

It is the very question that comes to mind while thinking to go on an eyelash removal operation at home.

Even before you think about how to remove eyelash extensions at home with Vaseline. Yes of course, when you apply eyelashes with the assistance of a professional, then going to a saloon seems the safest way to remove them.

The professionals know the perfect trick to remove the eyelashes from your eye without hurting your skin, the natural eyelashes, and irritating the eyes.

Why would there be any irritation?

While removing the eyelashes, one can easily let bacteria into the eyes. The irritation out of infection is obvious.

If you don’t have much confidence in yourself, then leave the responsibility of eyelash removal on the professional’s shoulder.

However, many times women prefer to remove their eyelash extensions in the comfort of their homes.

Besides olive oil and coconut oil, Vaseline works wonder in detaching the eyelash extensions from the eyes. So, the answer to is Vaseline safe for removing eyelash extensions is yes.

You can surely rely on Vaseline for removing false eyelashes.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home with Vaseline 

False eyelashes fall out naturally within 4 weeks depending on the glue potentiality.

However, Petroleum gel holds the power to break the lash glue molecules down. Vaseline works much more than moisturizing dry skin. It soothes the bond between natural lashes and artificial ones. So, how will Vaseline remove eyelash extensions? What is the process? Let’s check out.

Things You Require

✅ Vaseline
✅ Cotton Buds
✅ Eyebrow Brush
✅ Microfiber Cloth

Steps for Eyelash Extensions Removal Using Vaseline

First, wash your hands well. Get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Step 1

Wash your hands with soap or liquid to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Step 2


Remove all of your make-up and cleanse your face.

Step 3


✔️ Relish your face the luxury of a face steam bath.
✔️ You can use an electric steamer or take a large bowl of hot water.
✔️ Take a towel over your head. Cover your head entirely.
✔️ Place your face over the bowl.
✔️ Let the steam hit your skin. 
✔️ After 10-15 minutes, the glue will start softening.

Step 4

Vaseline Takes the Charge

✔️ Take a mascara brush and dip it into petroleum jelly.
✔️ Now close your eyes.
✔️ Start applying the Vaseline on your lashes, from the roots to the middle of the lashes.
✔️ Continue like this for 3-5 minutes. If it is necessary then you can carry on up to 10 minutes.
✔️ Now apply the eyelash conditioner with a damp microfiber cloth. It will help you to remove the excess gel from the lashes.
✔️ Now wash your eyes with lukewarm water.


✔️ While removing eyelash extensions at home with Vaseline, make sure the Vaseline doesn’t get into your eyes. The eyesight will get blurred temporarily.
✔️ If accidentally, you let Vaseline enter into your eyes, splash cold water onto your
eyes. If necessary consult with a doctor.
✔️ Once you accomplish the eyelash removing process with Vaseline, apply a thin layer of Vaseline with cotton and mask your eyelashes with it.

Is Vaseline Safe for Removing Eyelash Extensions?

No doubt, as a dry skin moisturizer, Vaseline is very much effective. Since Vaseline shows its potential to dissolve the molecules of the false eyelashes glue, it can easily remove eyelash extensions at home. Moreover, being a by-product of oil processing, Petroleum gel is strong and safe for removing eyelash extensions.

Does Vaseline Ruin Eyelash Extensions?

Whether you use Vaseline, coconut oil, or olive oil, they can create slip between the glue and your lash. 

So, are you ready to remove eyelash extensions at home with Vaseline?

It is not a hard nut to crack.

With care and caution, you can easily remove your false eyelashes without irritating the eyes.

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