A good moisturizing lotion is a win-win situation. The question here is, what is the best for your skin? Mostly because of the outlook, goat milk lotion is highly recommended and regarded as one of the best moisturizing lotions for your skin. There are ample brands that make goat milk lotion that you will yearn for.

There might be a lot of questions that are popping into your mind. Well, let’s just say we’ve got you covered with the best. You will venture into all the needed knowledge about goat milk lotion. Let’s get started!

Is Goat Milk Lotion Safe? 

According to Dr. Brent Ridge, goat milk has been used for thousands of years for soothing sensitive skin. It is mainly the commencement for people who have trouble with skin issues. You need to start with a simple regime that is kinder and gentler. The presence of lactic acid in goat milk does wonders for your skin. It has moisturizing fatty acids that are naturally found in goat milk. 

Goat milk lotion can live up to your skincare routine. If you are making the goat milk lotion at home, bacteria need to grow. And you know that. Even if you are pasteurizing the milk before adding it to lotion, bacteria grow in liquid. That could be somewhat unsafe and unhealthy. Brands tend to use natural or chemical preservatives to keep the goat milk lotion safe and healthier for use over a long period. 

Is Goat Milk Lotion Good for Your Skin? 

Also known as a natural skin care product, goat milk lotion can be used in the best way possible for your skin. It has the presence of the same pH as that in humans. The acidic mantle is undisturbed due to which it is soothing for your skin. 

If you are suffering from sensitive skin issues like eczema, psoriasis or keratosis pilaris, goat milk lotion could be a blessing in disguise. The skin’s first response to a foreign substance could be inflammatory. On the other hand, goat milk has the same functionality as that of human milk, the skin recognizes and seeps it in. 

Another additional factor of goat milk for being soothing to the skin is the presence of lactic acid. The alpha-hydroxy acid is recognized for offering gentle hydration and exfoliation properties. It further helps in protection against sun damage. 

Lactic acid increases the production of ceramides that act as a mortar between the bricks of your skin cells. They moisturize and offer you a soothing effect on your skin when added to your skincare regime. Lactic acid is like a magnet to attract and retain moisture on the skin. Goat milk lotion can help in delivering a smoother, brighter and more hydrated complexion. 

Goat milk further has fatty acids that replenish skin. Probiotics further encourage the growth of normal skin. Along with that, vitamin A helps in gentle exfoliation. 

Is Goat Milk Lotion Good for Eczema?

Not widely popular but goat milk lotion is good for people suffering from eczema. Here are some of the proven factors that you need to know about goat milk lotion for eczema – 

Acting as a natural exfoliant 

The presence of lactic acid in goat milk is a naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA. Cleansing or moisturizing your skin with goat milk soap and lotion respectively will help in many things. If you are suffering from eczema, it will dissolve in the dead skin cells unveiling healthy and younger-looking skin. 

Presence of Probiotics

Not to forget, lactic acid in goat milk also has probiotics. It uses the lactic acid bacteria that has proven to help treat eczema in infants. As the probiotic is found in lactic acid present in goat milk, it acts as a topical treatment in infants. You may give it a try!

Hydrated and Moisturized

It is not just lactic acid and probiotic additions. There is a gentle exfoliation process. Lactic acid uses all the natural oils and fats in the milk acting as a natural humectant. The soap and lotion will help in strengthening your skin barrier and sealing the moisture in. The skin that is so well hydrated could be more resistant to eczema flare ups. 

How to Make Goat Milk Lotion? 

Before we commence, there is a disclaimer. The goat milk lotion recipe is completely intended for personal use. Try not to use it for any commercial purposes. 

Ingredients – 

✔️10.2 Oz Distilled Water

✔️10.2 Oz Raw Goat Milk ( you may use frozen milk)

✔️1.2 Oz Emulsifying Wax

✔️3.5 Oz Oils ( below are the ones that we can recommend you use)

✔️2.7 Oz Coconut Oil 

✔️0.8 Oz Almond Oil 

✔️1.2 Oz Shea Butter

✔️0.3 Optiphen ( a natural preservative)

✔️0.2 Oz Essential Oils

Goat Milk Lotion Recipe 

Commence with washing everything in hot soapy water which means the utensils. Make sure that you wash even your immersion blender. 

Combine the coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter in a pot. Heat them on low flame until melted. 

Add the emulsifying wax to the melted oil mixture. And re-heat the mixture. 

Remove the pot from the heat. 

Combine the mixture with milk and water. Blend everything in the immersion blends for nearly 4-5 mins until it is quite thickened. 

Now add optiphen and your choice of essential oil. Again, blend the mixture for 1 long minute. The mixture will thin out around this time. And that is alright!

Pour the mixture into a sealed container and allow it to cool down. The mixture will thicken back when at room temperature. 

Goat Milk Lotion Benefits 

It could be astounding that goat milk can be highly beneficial for your beauty regime. We have discussed the uses and the different ways of getting treated for eczema. 

Goat milk has got the same pH level as that on human skin. It does not upset the natural skin’s acid mantle or cause any imbalances. 

People suffering from psoriasis and eczema (as mentioned before) will be able to find relief through goat milk. They have gentle nourishing properties that soothe and rejuvenate your skin. 

The presence of lactic acid in goat milk will delicately exfoliate the skin. Furthermore, it holds on to the moisture within the skin barrier. 

The fatty acids in goat milk offer deep nourishment that moisturizes and hydrates dry and damaged skin. 

Bottom Line – 

Goat milk lotion can be directly applied to the skin. You may even apply it like a face mask for an instant result. Adding it to your skincare routine will be better than any other foreign face creams. Whether in the form of a lotion or any other skincare product, goat milk gives you all in one solution for your skin enhancement.

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