Exercises to lose belly fat at home fast.

Every woman aims at having a flat belly if not abs. But getting rid of the stubborn belly fat is not a five-finger exercise. You will have to maintain a good diet along with doing the right exercises for reducing your belly fat. The AARP does warn people (both men and women) that they should be taking care of their belly fat. It may have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes as well as certain types of cancers. You will need to combat your abdominal fat through exercises followed by changing your lifestyle.

Abs are indeed the most difficult parts of the body to train. It takes a long period of regular exercise and diet control for getting those toned flat abs. If you are also struggling with the same issue, we are here to give you the proper guidelines by working out at home with minimal equipment. Here is all that you need to know.

What causes belly fat in females?

Your belly fat mainly depends on two factors –

1.      Calories that you are consuming in a day

2.      Calories you are burning in a daily exercise

Here your age even matters. If you are eating too much and doing the opposite in terms of exercise, you will be seeing your belly bulge. Your muscle mass might decrease with age but not belly fat.

Is belly fat dangerous?

Excess of belly fat could be dangerous. As it circumferences your internal organs, there are higher chances of risk of developing different health issues. Here are some that you might be facing –

1.      Heart disease

2.      Heart attack

3.      High blood pressure

4.      Asthma

5.      Breast cancer

6.      Colon cancer

7.      Type 2 diabetes

8.      Stroke

9.      Dementia

10.   Liver problems

What is inside belly fat?

Speaking of inside belly fat, means you are having visceral body fat. In simpler words, visceral body fat acts like a hidden fat in the body that is stored deep in your belly, properly circumventing your internal organs as well. This includes the liver and intestines. It may cover up more than one-tenth of the body fat. This belly fat can have both chemicals and hormones becoming toxic to the body. This type of fat tends to produce toxic substances carrying major health risks.

Is cardio best for belly fat?

Cardio isn’t the fastest way to reduce belly fat. Though it plays a major role in belly fat reduction. It is not always the best way for reducing belly fat in a short period. Performing cardio helps in changing the shape of your body by burning calories. Rather than that, High-Intensity Interval Training and resistance training are one of the best ways for reducing belly fat.

Can walking reduce belly fat?

Walking falls under the category of moderate-intensity exercise. You can easily implement it in your daily lifestyle. Walking and cardio both will help in reducing weight and burning calories. It might give shape for you to enhance your workout regime but plays a little part in reducing your belly fat.

Exercises to lose belly fat at home

1. Leg Raise

Targets on -lower abs, hamstrings, quads, abs and glutes

What to do?

Lie straight on the mat.

Place your palms behind your hips for support.

Lift your feet off the floor a little and focus on your core.

Raise both of your legs to a 90-degree position, bringing them slowly back down.

Right before touching the floor, repeat the process again.

Do 15 reps of 3 sets.

What to avoid?

Do not place your feet on the floor. It should have an inch of a gap from the floor.

2. Leg In and Out

Targets on – upper and lower abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings

What to do?

Sit on the mat.

Place your hand behind you, placing it on the mat.

Lean back a little and lift your legs like for an inch from the floor.

Tuck both your legs bringing them up to your body and straight again.

Do 20 reps of 2 sets

What to avoid?

Do not keep your hands wide apart. It should be closer to your body.

3. Flutter Kicks

Target – Lower and upper abs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

What to do?

Lie down on the map, placing your palms under your hips for support.

Lifting your upper back and head, make sure your legs are off the floor. This is how you will start.

Make sure that you are simultaneously crossing the legs, keeping yourself in the same position.

Repeat this 12 times in 3 sets. You may take a 15 seconds break in between if you feel the pain in your abs too much.

What to avoid?

Do not tend to do this exercise in a hurry. Do it slower for better results.

4. Crunches

Target –Lower and upper abs.

What to do?

Lie down straight on the mat, flexing your knees and placing your feet on the floor.

Place your fingers or your thumb at the back of your ears.

Lift your head off the floor. This is how you will start.

Commence with curling up and trying to react to your knees with your head. And repeat the process.

Inhale when you are curling up, exhale while you are going down.

Follow 12 reps of 2 sets.

What to avoid?

Never tuck your chin inside.

5. Bicycle Crunches

Target – hamstrings, glutes, rectus abdominis and obliques.

What to do?

Lie down on the mat, flexing your knees and lifting your feet an inch off the floor

Continue the same position that you did for doing the crunches. That will be your starting position.

Push your left leg down and extend it stick straight while you are curling up your right leg.

If this is hard for you, you may only stick to the normal crunches and wait.

Try doing 2 sets of 12 reps and take a 15 seconds break before doing the next exercise.

What do I avoid?

Do not be in a hurry to complete the sets.

6. Sit-ups

Target – Rectus abdominis

What to do?

Lie down on the mat flexing your knees. Place your heels resting on the mat.

Place your hands at the back of your head while engaging your core.

Live both your head and shoulder up towards the ceiling. This is how you will commence.

Make use of your core strength in lifting your body off the floor and get back to the sitting position.

Go back to your starting position. Try doing 12 reps of 2 sets.

What to avoid?

Sit-ups and crunches are two different exercises. Do not confuse them.

7. Heel Touch

Target – Oblique and upper abs.

What to do?

Lie down straight on the mat, keeping your legs flexed and wider to meet your shoulder line.

Keep your hands by your side and relax your body, keeping your core engaged.

Bend sideways and try to touch your right heel with your right hand and vice-versa.

Try finishing 20 of these on each side doing 3 sets. You may take a 15-second break in between.

What to avoid?

Your feet should not be too close to your hips.

8. Russian Twist

Target – Oblique, upper & lower abs, and glutes.

What to do?

Sit on the map lifting both your legs and keeping your knees flexed.

Lean back a little, joining your palms for body balance. This is how you will start.

Now twist your upper body to the left and right.

Keep doing this for 12 reps for 3 sets.

What to avoid?

Do not hold your breath for long while you are doing this exercise.

9. Lying Alternate Toe Taps

Target – Rectus abdominis, oblique, and glutes

What to do?

Lie down on the mat lifting both your legs at a 90-degree angle.

Lift your head and upper back off the floor, extend your hands up and engage your core. This is how you will start.

Curl up and try touching your left foot with your right hand and vice-versa.

Do this 15 reps of 2 sets.

What to avoid?

You need not worry if you are unable to touch your foot. Try to be closer to the knee then.

10. Cross-body Mountain Climbers

Target – Rectus abdominis, core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

What to do?

Get yourself in a push-up position.

Make sure that your elbows are directly below the shoulder.

Keep your entire body in a straight line.

Lift your right foot off the floor, flexing your knee, bringing it closer to the right side of your chest.

Place the right foot back in the starting position. Now, make sure that you are lifting your left foot, flexing your knee and bringing it closer to the left side of your chest.

Try speeding this up like you are running. Try doing 20-25 reps for 2 sets.

What to avoid?

Make sure not to place your palms too far from your body.

11. Burpees

Target – Abs and full body

What to do?

Stand straight keeping your shoulder-width apart.

Bend your knees, placing your hands on the floor like a frog position.

Jump and push both your legs to get back in the push-up position.

Get back to that frog position and jump vertically extending your hands above your head.

Land slowly on the floor.

Repeat the same process again doing 8 reps of 3 sets. Take a 15-20 second break in between.

What to avoid?

Do not increase the reps in one go. Burpees are hard. It is very important to maintain the right posture.

12. Plank

Target – rectus abdomen, shoulders, biceps and glutes

What to do?

Just like the burpees position, you will have to have the same posture.

Place your elbows on the map extending on the legs with your foot touching the floor.

Keeping your core engaged, hold this posture for like 30 seconds.

Trying doing 3 sets of this.

What to avoid?

Do not place your palms far away. Your posture has to be right.

Conclusion –

Abs exercises are tough. But if you are consistent, you are going to see the result yourself. It is not just the abs exercise, you may even use a resistance band for support and get the same sort of exercises when you are coming to a moderate level. Apart from doing your abs exercise, you will have to be consistent in having a healthy lifestyle.

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