Just like a spa treatment, body scrub also is conducted by professionals. Even you can be the one doing the same. Just you need to know the right technique. Let’s delve into the details of knowing about body scrub massage. 

What is body scrub massage? 

Also known as body polish, body scrub massage helps in the exfoliation of the skin of your body. The result is fresh, smooth, soft and moisturized skin. The use of an abrasive product is rubbed across your body and massaged as well on your skin. Followed by rinsed away to unveil the moisturized layer of your fresh and smooth skin. 

There are ample body scrub benefits. A body scrub will be exfoliating your skin, omit off the dead skin cells and push away flaky skin. The result, you already know, is smooth and soft and radiant skin. The rejuvenated skin further is enhanced with polishing products that have an oily base helping in moisturizing your skin post scrubbing.  

How to body scrub massage? 

The process is conducted by professionals. They conduct the step by step process which is a little different to what you abide by at home. 

Before you commence, at first, you ought to lie face-down on the massage table. The table is covered with a towel or a clean sheet. 

The professional therapist will be gently rub the body exfoliation on different parts of your body. This includes your back, legs and feet and behind your arms. 

Once the exfoliation is done, the entire process is repeated to the whole body. Once the whole process is done, it is time for rinsing off the product. 

Make sure that you are not using any soap or shower gel because you need to absorb oils from the product. 

Why body scrub is important?

There are many things that you need to know about the body scrub factors. This includes  – 

Body scrub massage is invigorating. It helps in the improvement of body circulation. 

Not just that, right from the lymph to the surface of the skin, it removes and flashes off the dead and flaky skin. 

Furthermore, body scrubbing helps in restricting cellulite, enhancing skin tone. 

A professional body scrub massage helps in preparing your skin for even tanning. 

Once the process is conducted, the open pores of the skin help in the absorption of moisturizers and hydration. 

The natural oils help in the stimulation of your sense to garner the best-focused treatment for your rejuvenated skin tone. 

Is there something you should take precautions on? 

Well, body scrub massage is apt for everyone. Just make sure that it suits your skin type and you are getting the right treatment. If you are suffering from fever or cancer, do not opt for this. If your skin is extremely fragile, opt out of the concept completely. When you are taking a professional treatment, you should be ensured of your skin. And the resulting work wonders for your skin!

What to expect when you have a scrub massage? 

Different professional treatments come with different facilities. You already know the process that we have mentioned before. The professional will be screening you well before taking off your robe and covering you up with a towel. 

You rest assured during the entire process of body scrub massage you will be covered for your treatment. 

You could even opt-in for the choice of the product that will be used on your skin. You may even garner knowledge about the same for a relaxing skin healing session. 

The scrubbing usually starts with one side of your back, going up and down your body continuously. The process of rubbing, scrubbing and massaging is simultaneous. Once it is done, you will rinse off yourself with warm/lukewarm water. 

The treatment covers nearly 30-45 mins of your time. 

Different types of scrub

Well, you will come across a variety of body scrubs. But it is just the difference in the product that is used on your skin. Here is how you know  – 

Salt and oil

A teaspoon of fine and well-granulated salt is mixed with essential and moisturizing oil. The salt used could be either sea or mineral. And the rest of the process remains the same. 

Sugar Scrub

Coarse ground sugar is used for body scrub massage. The abrasive ingredient is mixed with essential oils or creams for the process. 


Some body scrub massages include cream and loofah to remove the dead cells. But it is our recommendation to not opt for it if your skin is highly sensitive. 


The professional therapist will make a mixture of herbal oil and likewise ingredients to commence with the process. The ingredient used will be completely dependent on your skin type. 

Pro-Tip – 

A body scrub massage is one of the treatments that help you in recreating something to make it a part of your body care routine. The massage is the step to skin healing, refreshing and rejuvenation. For smoother and brighter skin, a body scrub is a blessing in disguise. You may even add a good moisturizer, once the process is done. 

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