No matter where you stay and which season it is, sunscreens are a must. You can’t deny that sunscreen forms a protective shield to your skin, irrespective of the season. Adding a bottle of sunscreen to your bag can save you from some permanent skin damage.

Do you wish to get a good tan at the beach? You need a body lotion with SPF! And, how does it protect your skin? Read on to discover.

☑ Lowers the chances of getting skin cancer 

Are you aware that sunscreen can lower the risk of developing skin cancer and the early signs of cancer? Well, this is true! It may not save you entirely but curbs the harmful effects of the sun.  In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation claims that applying creams and lotions with an SPF factor of 15 reduces your chance of developing squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and your melanoma risk by 50%.

☑ Are you suffering from sunburn? Not anymore!

Many don’t know that sunlight actually consists of two harmful rays- UVA and UVB. The former is used in tanning booths, but definitely not to the extent that it can damage the skin. UVA rays are linked to potential long-term damage like wrinkles, fine lines, and skin cancer.

When it comes to UVB rays, it is held responsible for causing sunburn and also skin cancer. Sunburns are painful and lead to other problems, as well. Now, you can’t stay indoors forever. There’ll be times when you’ll love going out, enjoy the sun, lie on the beach and take part in outdoor activities.

This is where body lotion with SPF can save you! Healthline published that sunburns increase the risk of getting skin cancer because they absorb lethal rays and ultraviolet radiation, damaging genetic material in skin cells. Fortunately, you got creams, gels, and lotions with SPF that reflect and scatters the sunlight.

☑ Combats redness and swellings

Are you spending too much time in the sun? Besides facing sunburn, you can face severe skin reddening and swelling. The UV radiations damage the skin, turning it red. Then the body directs more blood to the affected area to heal the damaged skin

☑ Stops wrinkles & fine lines appearance

You can’t stop aging, but what you can do is push it to a great extent. If you start developing fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet early, it may mar your appearance and shake your confidence. Lengthy exposure to the sun can loosen your skin and make it appear dull.

To combat premature aging and get back the skin’s elasticity, you need the best body lotion with SPF 50 in your bag. In fact, 90% of skin damages is caused by the sun, leading to visible signs. By introducing SPF in your life, you’re slowly warding off these issues with minimal effort.

☑ Avoids blotchy skin & hyperpigmentation 

Hyperpigmentation refers to the condition where the skin becomes discolored or darkened. Extended sun exposure often causes uneven skin tone. Sometimes, dark or white spots pop up on the face, neck, arms, and other body parts due to prolonged outdoor activities.

Thankfully, sunscreens get everything covered! From safeguarding your skin from dark spots to blotchy skin and hyperpigmentation, SPF creams do it all. Just apply a small dab on your skin, and you’re good to go!

☑ Stops DNA damage

Scientific studies have claimed that sunlight can trigger DNA damage, skin photoaging, and carcinogenesis. Studies state: “Many of the deleterious human health effects that result from sunlight exposure are associated with a chain of events that begins with the formation of DNA damage. These lesions can lead to inflammatory and immunosuppressive processes in the epithelial tissue as well as accelerated aging and tumor development.”

Final thoughts!

It’s evident that sun exposure can seriously affect your skin and damage your skin immensely. There’s no way that you can avoid the sun permanently by sitting or working indoors. You’ve to step out of your house, sooner or later.

By befriending with sunscreen, you solve many of your skin problems and embrace potential benefits. Stop wondering and start looking for the best body lotion with SPF! There’re plenty of options on the online store. Grab one and enjoy going out in the sun without fearing the consequences.


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