When it comes to babies, every parent becomes cautious. From arranging their meals to choosing the right baby shampoo for curly hair- everything becomes challenging. Curly hair is inevitably frizzy, difficult to maintain, and needs special attention. The fact is curly hair has less amount of moisture in comparison to straight hair.

Trust me; using shampoos does more harm to your hair than not using it. Generally, we think shampoo cleans all the impurities, excess oil, and dirt from the scalp and keeps our hair clean and healthy. If you’re still sticking to the one with paraben and sulfate, god saves your hair! Regardless of what you’re using, you’re rubbing it on your hair, preventing it all from being natural.

As kids are prone to get their hands, hair, and everything filthy, regular bathing and shampooing seem unavoidable. But, frequent shampooing reduces the moisture from the scalp, leading to more issues. Clearly, managing curls is not an easy task for new mothers, leave alone picking an apt baby shampoo for curly hair.

However, if you are in a similar situation, this blog can help you even if it doesn’t solve your issues.

How to choose the right shampoo for baby curly hair?

To be honest, before buying a bottle of shampoo, you should learn the correct application method. You can’t be rough and scratch your kid’s scalp in order to clean all the mess. Children’s hair and scalp need extra protection as baby shampoos aren’t free of toxic chemicals, which can uncompromisingly affect their skin and health.

The parents need to recognize the lethal ingredients present and keep all the harmful effects at bay. In short, mothers should purchase natural shampoos with simple ingredients that can retain moisture and keep the scalp dirt-free.

What are the common harmful ingredients?

It can be shocking to know that some baby shampoos contain carcinogenic chemicals, which are still prevalent in many countries. As there’s an array of products available, parents should keep a note of the components. Some deadly ingredients that must be off the table are PEG, Parabens, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Parabens are preservatives that get absorbed by the skin, causing rashes and irritation. If you want your kid to be safe, it must be paraben-free, irrespective of the hair texture. Check the label and refrain from purchasing a bottle that has paraben as a suffix. Polythene glycols act as cleansing agents in shampoo and increase the effect of other chemicals.

The presence of PEGs can lead to severe contamination and skin reactions. Look out for chemicals like, polyoxyethylene and polyethylene glycol on the label, and avoid adding those shampoos to your cart. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a foaming agent that is unsafe for eyes, skin, hair, and everything.

Parents should avoid shampoo bottles containing SLES, SLS, lauryl sodium sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, lauryl sulfate sodium salt, lauryl sodium sulfate, and more. Plus, petroleum byproducts and mineral oils should be kept at a hand’s distance because these block the pores and stop the skin from breathing.

What should you do?

Natural baby shampoos are the best ones because they help in maintaining soft curls. These mild, toxin-free, harmless products are safe on baby’s sensitive skin and help in nourishing the tresses. If you’re in search of something decent and risk-free, go for the shampoos that comprise natural oils, such as avocado, coconut, jojoba, and almond.

Believe me or not, coconut-based shampoos are an excellent solution for baby’s curly hair. Besides providing the hair with nourishment and growth, coconut is ideal for the scalp and helps in retaining moisture. In addition to this, aloe vera-based shampoos are also great! The soft aloe gel is a boon to sensitive skin and heals itchiness and inflammation.

Another excellent option is vitamin-based options. Vitamin A, B, and E are an incredible nourishment source that strengthens the hair and keeps them tangle-free. Vitamins play a significant role in promoting hair growth, from nurturing the scalp to nourishing the hair roots. Oils like avocado and jojoba stimulate new hair and unclog the follicles.


Natural shampoos seem to be the perfect solution to maintain the luscious curls of your baby. Additionally, you keep your kids away from deadly substances that not only harm their tresses but also affect the skin, scalp, and eyes. I’m pretty sure no parents would want their babies to suffer. To put a stop to all this permanently, stick to natural-based shampoos and go chemical-free.

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